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NationBuilder manager

For the 2018 Municipal Election in Windsor, Ontario, volunteered for the Vote Holt campaign by helping set up and maintain Chris Holt’s Nation Builder website.

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Repair the World

Repair the World is a monthly meet-up at Hackforge of those who want to learn more about the technologies and policies we can employ in Windsor-Essex to lead us towards a carbon-neutral future and to help our community cope with the effects of global warming.

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HTML and CSS Workshop for Girl Guides

Led two workshops on “HTML and CSS” at Camp Bryerswood (Girl Guides Of Canada) on June 3, 2017.

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Bicycling Data for Bits and Bikes

In support of Hackforge’s Bits and Bikes programming for the month of May 2016, I acquired and transformed an number of open data sets on behalf Open Data Windsor Essex and Bike Windsor Essex. As well, I spoke about this work with Sarah Morris, managing director of Hackforge, at the Windsor Bike Summit on May […]

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ODWE Community Data Portal

On Sept. 19, 2015, Hackforge launched , the first community open data portal in Ontario. The launch included data sets made available through our community partners Ford City Neighbourhood Renewal and Pathway to Potential.

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Started a conversation about the city flag

Inspired by a podcast and TED Talk by Roman Mars, I wrote up a post about how the city of Windsor needs a re-designed flag which sparked a city-wide conversation.

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