Aedile Works

About myself

→ noun (hist.) either of a pair of Roman magistrates who administered public works, maintenance of roads, public games, the grain supply, etc.

Aedile Works is the work of Mita Williams who is not actually an aedile but a librarian who writes and speaks about civics, tech, feminism, and climate change.

You can find me on Twitter and various other online spaces and games as copystar.

I’ve been blogging since 1999 and still have several blogs : Librarian of Things, The Magnetic North, and The city is here for you to use. My previous blogs Rain Barrel, New Jack Almanac, New Jack Librarian, 4-0-Wonderland, and A City To Live In have been retired.

I write occasionally on Medium and I produce a weekly newsletter called University of Winds that is written and published every Saturday morning.

I can be reached at