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Library Starter Deck

Library Starter Deck: a 21st-century game engine and design studio for libraries was a Knight Foundation News Challenge submission for their 2016 News Challenge: How might libraries serve 21st century information needs?

This submission was a collaboration between myself and Ken “Writer Guy Games” Eklund.

We describe the project as such:

For people to fully grasp how 21st-century information can augment their lives, they should *experience* it. Games have long been a successful way for libraries to put their communities hands-on with the enriching power of knowledge, but there’s been no focus on creating a “game engine” that any library could use.

We’re a librarian/game designer team with deep relevant experience, and we’re passionate about innovating a Library Starter Deck – a flexible game system that libraries can easily adapt to connect communities with info-power in fun ways. A “game that makes games,” the Deck creates games with ready-made growth paths that libraries can use to expand a game’s richness, scale, and impact.

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